Students Studying

Four Schools with Comprehensive and Long- term Schemes

Our four School, Planning and Design School, Business School, Management School, and Computer Science School, fulfill the requirements of Humanization, Diversification, Computerization, Internationalization, and Technology Integration, which typify a first-rate institute.

Educational Ideals Founded on Humanism and Assistance The institute is oriented towards career-planning and beneficial outcomes for students, reaching the triple goals of teaching, learning, and remedial assistance, and ultimately carrying out the ideals of professional and humanistic education.

The Framework of Dual-Instructors

The framework of dual-instructors, academic advisers, and homeroom teachers for tending students' way of life in class, is specifically designed by our school to give consideration both to professional learning of students and to counseling concerning campus life. Academic advisers teach students how to carry out investigations of designated topics so that students' professional capabilities can be upgraded across the board. Homeroom teachers can assist students in adapting themselves to campus life and in developing maturity through participation in class activities and individual counseling.