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About Library

The quality of library support is viewed as being of fundamental importance to the advancement of learning and teaching at China University of Technology (CUTe). The library at CUTe began life as a small reading room in 1965. In 1966, the reading room was moved to the third floor of the Hong Tao building on the Taipei campus, and by 1972, the library had expanded to fill the entire 3-story Hong Tao building. In February 1999, Ming Lun building was renovated to become a library with collections recycled from the seven departments then, i.e., Department of Architecture, Dept. of Civil Engineering, Dept. of Business Administration, Dept. of International Trade, Dept. of Taxation, Dept. of Computer Science, Dept. of Accounting.

In September 2000, a brand new library building was completed on the Hsinchu campus. While on Taipei campus, the collections were moved to the new library located on the second floor of Ge Zhi Building in September 2006. To meet the demands of growing faculty and students since the school has been upgraded to China University of Technology, Ming Lun library was converted into a library with collections especially for planning and design majors in 2009.

It went through a top-to-bottom renovation during summer of 2012 and started service in September, adding various features such as new arrivals area, audio-visual facilities for individual as well as group viewing, chat-room for students conversing with foreign language teachers, and colorful designs, providing a more comfortable and fashionable reading environment. In the meantime, Ge Zhi library was partially renovated too adding three special areas: new arrivals, the comic corner, and discovery book-club.

The new arrivals area is able to display up to 100 books to capture readers’ attention. The comic corner display classic and popular modern comic collections to satisfy readers’ professional and recreational needs. The discovery book-club is the venue for the library to hold reading events such as speeches, reading clubs, etc.

The book collections cover many fields, but the emphasis is on business and management, computer science, design, foreign languages, civil engineering and architecture. Multimedia material such as LDs, DVDs, VCDs, CD-ROMs, audio-visual tapes and cassettes are available with up-to-date equipment. To satisfy professional and entertainment needs of our readers, the library has installed movie on demand system providing videos that can be viewed anywhere with Internet service.

The library offers a wide range of services such as circulation, reference, interlibrary loan, and promotion of library resources. With a variety of search tools and links, the library’s website provides users a 24-hour access to our licensed databases and web-based services. A sampling of these includes a variety of online self-service options (e.g., renew, reserve, or recommend books; request items) and meta-searching across multiple databases.

Main responsibilities The Center is divided into two divisions with services as follows:


About Information Center

The Information Center, originally named the Computer Center, was established in September of 1976 and a subordinate division to Office of Academic Affairs. It was elevated to a top-tier administrative body when the school was upgraded to China Institute of Technology in 2000. It was renamed The Information Center when the school was upgraded to China University of Technology in 2005. The Center consolidated the library services in 2010 and has been called the Library & Information Center ever since.

The Center’s main responsibilities are implementing information infrastructure on campus and providing services of information systems. By facilitating a high-quality environment for computing and networking, we hope to improve the quality of teaching, research and services.

Main responsibilities The Center is divided into three divisions with services as follows:


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