Chair of the Board

Ms Josephine Shang-Kuan Su, Chair of the Board

Josephine Shang-Kuan Su, chairperson of the Board, was an economics major at National Taiwan University. She received her bachelor's degree in accounting from Briar Cliff College and her MBA from the City University of New York, where she also attended the PhD program in economics. In 2017, chairperson Su received an honorary degree of Doctor of Humane Letters from Metropolitan State University, in recognition of her eminent contributions to the university and to the field of International Education, which enhances the missions of both China University of Technology and Metropolitan State University.

Her outstanding career experience in the United States includes serving as a manager in the economic forecasting division at Wharton Economic Forecasting Associates of the University of Pennsylvania, as chief of the Research Processing Division of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, and as a vice president of Citibank.

Since becoming chairperson in 1992, Josephine Shang-Kuan has adopted a pragmatic approach in her dedication to education, creating an excellent environment in which faculty welfare is highly respected and student learning is facilitated.

With substantial measures such as the completion of the second campus at Hsinchu, the computerization of the school administration and the construction of the campus internet, Josephine Shang-Kuan is determined to lead the school to become one of the most prestigious universities worldwide.