Students Living

Surrounded by tranquil and beautiful scenery

The fullyequipped twin campuses are surrounded by a tranquil and beautiful landscape of mountains and lakes. Because the Taipei campus is in Wenshan District, an area well-known for its cultural, intellectual and environmental sophistication, the discipline and atmosphere in the school are excellent.

Furthermore, flowers and plants are exceptionally lush inasmuch as the Taipei cam- pus is rimmed by forested hills. The brand new Hsin-chu campus is grand, furnished with abundant and up-to-date facilities. The environment is also peaceful and secluded; the panorama of serene waters and luminous hills endows the campus with great scenic beauty. We sincerely believe the outstanding environment of the two campuses will provide people with more choices and high quality service.

Student Counseling Center

Individual Counseling
Psychiatrists state that real therapy begins when someone trapped in dismay starts talking about his/her problems with someone else-this is what we do for individual counseling. We play the role of a good listener during a one-on-one discussion, while on the other hand trying to untie the knot that troubles your heart. For those who find themselves in confusion or perplexity, do come to the Student Counseling Center to make an appointment with our counselors.

Group Counseling
We hold group counseling with different life-related topics on a regular basis. Members of group counseling share life experience with and give feedback to each other and by doing so they form a mutual help and supportive group. For those who would like to get a better understanding of him/herself, are willing to improve his/her way of learning, or want to gain more confidence, please come to the Student Counseling Center to make an appointment with our counselors.

Health Consultation
In the spirit of the school motto "We serve, so we care," the Hygiene and Health Division of our school strives to provide all students and faculty members with a healthy and sanitary teaching and learning environment in accordance with the policies of the Ministry of Education and the Department of Health.

Student Dormitories

Dormitory Buildings


Emergency Services

We have someone on duty all the time to make sure whenever there's need, there's help available. In case of an emergency, just dial any of the following extension numbers: 1182, 1183, 1656, 1657, 1824, or 1825. These lines are staffed 24 hours a day so that no matter when an emergency takes place, we will be able to arrive on to the scene and take the most appropriate measures in the most efficient way.